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14 Wildcat Way,  Logan  WV  25601

From the Charleston area, take Corridor G, 119 South, toward Logan.  You will pass by the Chapmanville area.  Travel on toward Logan.  There will be a set of signal lights as you travel down the hill.  On the left you will see Bob Evans and Wal-Mart on the left.  Go through the signal lights and bear off to the right at the first exit (there will be a set of signal lights at the bottom of the exit ramp).  Turn left toward Logan on Rt. 73

Continue traveling on Rt. 73 for approximately 2 miles, (you will go through two sets of signal lights).  At the third light, turn left, go approximately a mile and turn left again.  Cross the bridge.  At the end of the bridge, there is an intersection, immediately in front of you, there is a McDonalds.  Make a left at the light.  Go about 50-60 yards, make a right between Wilson Cleaners and Rite Aid.  Cross the bridge.  Logan Middle School sets at the end of the bridge on the right.